La Poesías Historic Coffee House in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

La Poesías Historic Coffee House in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

I’ve been in Buenos Aires for three weeks now after spending two months in Uruguay. It’s amazing to be back in this splendid city that I love so much after having spent five months here in 2010 with my young children. Now that they are grown, I am free at age 55 to roam the world as a digital nomad. The Bohemian DNA in me loves to travel, experience other cultures and learn new languages. I have my trusty map I bought 12 years ago to, and am writing out of all the historic coffee shops!

Mercado San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Mercado San Telmo, Buenos Aires is where you will find me! I love all things eclectic, funky, antique, old, second-hand and creative!

Technology is an amazing thing, but it also scatters me and overwhelms me some times. I can’t keep track and feel so disembodied with all the social media out there.

So I find returning to do what I do best— write blogs, poetry and tell oral stories, is where it’s at. As I travel, I’m telling Kamishibai for Peace as part of Storytime Yoga for kids. I did some in Uruguay.

Flan with dulce de leche

Flan with dulce de leche at La Corte restaurant in Montevideo, Uruguay. I love food!

Yoga and storytelling are great ways for senior citizens to stay active with healthy aging, connect to youth and share wisdom to be of service in the world. I’m like a medieval troubadour. I am so happy and so grateful.

So this blog serves to journal my feelings and life while continually traveling. At this age, I don’t want to think about a house and stuff and retirement. Faith moved me to get rid of those things best I  could.

I am now telling stories to children again and teaching adults how to tell stories with kamishibai for peace. I am also working on my own Mythic Yoga, writing the memoir of my body, listening to the story in my body, editing myriad poems and prose and working on publishing them.

For my Storytime Yoga for Kids book, Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story, the story I most often tell is The British folktale of The Peddler’s Dream. It’s about a peddler who has a dream three times to go to London Bridge, so he does. He meets a man who tells him about a treasure in his own backyard. So, follow your dreams, follow your heart, follow your bliss. Travel with me and enjoy my penchant for folklore, good food and photography!

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Mannequin with dress by Natacha Morales San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Mannequin with dress by Natacha Morales San Telmo, Buenos Aires